Why We're Your Best Source for Tattoo Removal

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Do you have a tattoo you’ve fallen out of love with? While a tattoo can last your entire lifetime, at Infinite Allure, we offer solutions that can completely remove or at least reduce the appearance of an unwanted tattoo with our tattoo removal methods. Here are just a few reasons why having laser tattoo removal done at our med spa is the right move:

  • Although you may initially believe tattoo removal will be painful, we use a laser that allows for minimal discomfort during the process. The recovery process is also easy, and most of our clients can return to work the very next day.

reduce the appearance of an unwanted tattoo with our tattoo removal methods

  • Since we are directly removing ink from your skin, you may worry about scarring showing up in replacement of the tattoo. However, we focus the laser’s energy on the pigmentation in the tattoo ink, which leaves your skin’s healthy cells alone. In fact, laser tattoo removal is one of just a few procedures you can undergo that won’t leave scarring behind!
  • Many procedures and surgeries today require the use of anesthesia and maintain the risk of possible complications, but laser tattoo removal is incredibly safe and effective. While you should always consult with us beforehand, laser tattoo removal is generally a safe, viable option for most people.
  • In many cases, we can complete the tattoo removal process in just 20 minutes! However, if your tattoo is particularly large or dark in pigment, we may have to spread out the removal process over several appointments.