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We operate safe and precise procedures under a medical doctor’s care with our injectables.

Some of us are so careful about sunscreen application and other preventative measures against aging, and yet, we still end up with lines or wrinkles over time. If you have particularly prominent lines in a certain area of your face, but not the other, it can feel like a large spotlight is shining on that one area. Here at Infinite Allure, we have injectables to help treat and repair these issues at our Greensboro, North Carolina medical spa.

Injectables, Greensboro, NC

We have a variety of injectables that we use dependent upon our patient’s needs, but the two most common are the brands BOTOX® and Dysport®. Each of these injectables has its own list of reasons why it might be more effective for one person instead of the other, but our qualified medical doctors and professionals can learn more about which would suit you during a consultation visit.

Because injectables need to be carefully and precisely administered in order to treat the issue while also preventing complications, it is always best that you choose a qualified place, such as Infinite Allure, to administer treatments like injectables. When you come to Infinite Allure, you are able to benefit from coming to a medical spa with actual medical doctors performing and overseeing the procedures, which gives you the best outcomes from injectables and other medical spa treatments.

If you are looking to learn more about injectables like BOTOX® or Dysport® for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles and fine lines, we would love to help. Also, you can join our BOTOX® membership, which will allow you to receive a list of benefits and savings. Please give our team at Infinite Allure a call today to schedule a consultation and start improving your confidence.

At Infinite Allure, we offer injectables to those in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, High Point, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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