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You Don’t Have to Suffer With Sexual Dysfunction – Ask Us About Our Treatments for Men and Women.

Confidence is something we all need in our lives so that our quality of life is maximized. Here at Infinite Allure, as medical aesthetic specialists, we understand that putting your best self forward is a strong part of having the confidence you deserve. However, it isn’t the only part of having a rewarding life. If you are dealing with sexual dysfunction, you can feel apprehensive about relationships and be frustrated about what you are missing out on. We offer services for both men and women who want to improve their sexual pleasure by overcoming sexual dysfunction.

For women, we offer perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, clitoral hood revision, shockwave lithotripsy, and radio frequency Votiva. Each of these is designed to overcome a specific appearance issue, discomfort, or other sexual dysfunction. If you have scarring or vaginal concerns from childbirth or you are interested in improving blood flow for increased sexual pleasure, we recommend contacting us for an appointment to learn more about our various treatments that can help.

For men, we offer the P-Shot to overcome erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy for more sustainable erections, and low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave to overcome decreased blood flow hampering stronger erections. We also offer PRP hair restoration to strengthen hair follicles and thicken existing hair so you can be more confident.

All of our medical procedures for sexual dysfunction are performed by physicians. Our superior options for women’s and men’s health and enhancing sexuality can give you the boost to your confidence that you deserve. To schedule a consultation at our Greensboro, North Carolina office to discuss the best treatment options for your situation, give us a call today.

At Infinite Allure, we offer sexual dysfunction treatments to those in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, High Point, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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