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Dermal Filler Can Revitalize Your Look.

At Infinite Allure we offer three brands of filler
• Juvederm
• Restalyne
• Sculptra
• Versa


Who is a candidate for Injectable Filler?
Filler can remove sunken in deep wrinkles on the face or the depressed area under the eye. For safety and better ease of use our Physician Injectors use a micocannula when injecting filler with most procedures.
Unfortunately, they are not recommended for people who have had a reaction to filler before.

How is Dermal Filler injection performed?
Step 1: Evaluation by one of our Physician Injectors.
Step 2: Application of an ice pack , numbing cream or a dental block can be used to reduce discomfort but is rarely needed.
Step 3: Selected filler is injected.
Step 4: Follow-up visit scheduled

What’s the downtime after my procedure?
One day.

How many treatments will I need?
One time is enough to see the desired results.

How much does filler cost?
Price varies base on filler chosen and injection site. Get a consultation today.

How long does the procedure take?
5-15 minutes

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Who does the procedure?
Our physicians and mid levels.

Does getting Dermal Filler hurt?
Minimal discomfort.

Can filler be used on ANY part of my body?
Filler can be used on several body areas. Ask one of our physicians for a consult on your specific needs.

Maintenance required?
Filler can last from 6 month to 1.5 years depending on the type used.

At Infinite Allure, we offer dermal filler treatments to those in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, High Point, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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