Now Offering a 20% Military Discount on Tattoo Removal!

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We Offer Safe, Fast, and Effective Tattoo Removal!

At Infinite Allure, we believe you should only have tattoos you love, not the ones you regret! We offer safe, fast, and effective tattoo removal that can help you get rid of those tattoos you’ve fallen out of love with. If you’re a current or former member of the military, we’ll even give you a 20% discount! Call us now, and we can book your consultation.

Effective Tattoo Removal

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At Infinite Allure, our medical aesthetic specialists offer the fastest, safest and most effective laser tattoo removal in the world. Its unprecedented innovation enables it to shatter even the hardest-to-treat tattoos.

  • Fading for cover-ups and complete removal
  • Special financing options available
  • Up to 4 times more effective than traditional lasers
  • Fading in 1 to 3 treatments
  • Full removal in 4 to 8 treatments
  • All colors can be removed
  • Medical-grade laser
  • FDA cleared

After 4 Treatments

"Started my tattoo removal today. It was great! Didn’t hurt at all. Very friendly staff. I definitely recommend their services."
– Bri N. (Facebook review)

Our team of specialist doctors is waiting to consult with you. Call us today to schedule your appointment! 

Get Rid of That Tattoo Safely and Effectively!