Laser Hair Removal, Greensboro, NC

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Our innovative methods of laser hair removal are effective and pain-free.

Are you tired of shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams to get rid of unwanted hair? All of these hair removal methods have their pros and cons, but one of the biggest issues across the board with all of them is that the hair will continue to grow back time and time again. If you are sick of spending money on painful waxing or wasting your time shaving, then laser hair removal from Infinite Allure is a great option. There are so many advantages of the Motus machine that we use here at Infinite Allure for laser hair removal, and we would love to show them to you in person.

Laser Hair Removal, Greensboro, NC

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Our machine is different in that it is pain-free. Unlike other laser hair removal options that can actually feel like a burning sensation, especially for those with darker skin, our laser hair removal machine is specially made and manufactured to be pain free. It only targets the pigments in the hair, not your skin, so there is more targeted action. Furthermore, the tip of the handpiece used is kept at a consistently cool and comfortable temperature. This machine is designed with patient comfort in mind, and it is truly one of the only machines out there that delivers on a pain-free promise.

Additionally, our machine is cost-effective. Not only is the Motus machine a painless hair removal option, but it is also more effective and requires fewer visits. This means that you are getting a great value for your time and money by using this laser hair removal option. If you are in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, we would love to tell you more about this option. Contact us today about our laser hair removal and experience our truly innovative new machine.

Laser Hair Removal, Greensboro, NC