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Pain Free Laser Hair Removal With Guaranteed Results

The Motus AX is the intelligent choice for painless, high volume hair reduction for all skin and hair types. Almost every other type of hair removal has to be repeated. Unlike a lot of our competitors we guarantee our results. If you do not see a 75% hair reduction or better, you will receive one or more complementary treatments until you do.

Who is a candidate for hair removal using the Motus AX?
Anyone who is ready to ditch their razor, depilation creams, waxing and plucking. Laser hair removal will give you a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

How is Motus AX laser hair removal performed?
Step 1: Shave 24 hours before your appointment
Step 2: Contact gel is applied. The laser hand piece is placed on the area to be treated. While the laser is in use you and the operator will be wearing protective eyewear.
Step 3: The hand piece emits an intense beam of light. The hair follicles absorb the light and this is where the science of this procedure takes place. Each treatment will get you closer to being hair free.

What’s the downtime after my procedure?
Little to none.

How many treatments will I need?
On average patient need 3-6 treatments.

How much does laser hair removal cost?
Prices start at $65 per a zone and up.

How long does the procedure take?
5 – 45 minutes per a zone

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Who does the procedure?
We have multiple aestheticians and physicians on staff who perform the procedure.

Does laser hair removal with the Motus AX hurt?

Can laser hair removal be used on ANY part of my body?
We can treat any area with unwanted hair except around the eyes.

Maintenance required?

Commonly treated areas by gender:

Men – back, shoulders, chest, back of neck
Women – underarms, chin, upper lip, bikini line

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