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Laser Tattoo Removal That Is Safe And Effective. Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoos.

There are any number of reasons why you might be interested in laser tattoo removal. Perhaps there has been a change in your life and the tattoo you got a few years ago no longer applies. Whatever the reason you find yourself with a tattoo that doesn’t bring you joy, the solution is calling us at Infinite Allure to discuss our effective laser tattoo removal service.

The Picosure Laser breaks down ink by causing photothermal damage to ink in a trillionth of a second.

Who is a candidate for laser tattoo removal using the Picosure Laser?
The Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal is a good option if you want the tattoo completely removed or if you want it faded to expand your options for a coverup. Additionally, we recommend that you wait 3 months after any tattoo to start the removal process. Like our other service treatment with the Picosure is safe for all skin types.

How is laser hair removal performed?
Step 1: Shave 48 hours before your appointment
Step 2: Numbing medicine applied 30 minutes before treatment if desired. While the laser is in use you and the operator will be wearing protective eyewear.
Step 3: The hand piece emits an intense beam of light. Your skin absorbs the light and this is where the science of this procedure takes place. Each treatment will get you closer to being tattoo free.

What’s the downtime after my procedure?
Typically, less than one day.

How many treatments will I need?
On average patient need 6 treatments. Factors that affect the number of treatments needed include the age of a tattoo, if it was done by a professional, colors used and if you’ve tried tattoo removal prior.

How much does laser hair removal cost?
Size and color are the biggest factors when estimating cost of removal.

How long does the procedure take?
5-25 minutes varying based on the size of the tattoo

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Who does the procedure?
We have physicians on staff who perform the procedure.

Does laser tattoo removal with the Picosure Laser hurt?
Without numbing cream most patients state the sensation is the same as getting the tattoo or less. With a numbing cream that one of our physicians can prescribe you’ll feel close to nothing. Additionally, lidocaine injection are available for pain free tattoo removal.

Can laser tattoo removal be used on ANY part of my body?

Maintenance required?

At Infinite Allure, we offer laser tattoo removal services to those in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, High Point, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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