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3 Best Methods for Long-Lasting Hair Removal

Posted on July 28, 2021

Laser Hair Removal

There are many different methods available for hair removal, but not all of them are as effective as others or provide the desired results. The following article will explain the three most common methods used for long-lasting hair removal and why you should choose one option over another.

What are your options? 

There are three known methods for long-lasting hair removal:

• Body laser hair removal 

• Intense Pulsed Lighting (IPL) 

• Electrolysis

Best methods for long-lasting hair removal 

While all three options are great methods that have produced astonishing results, some methods have higher success rates and longer-lasting results than others. However, before you choose a method, you should consult with a dermatologist to figure out which method will likely work best for you.

Body Laser Hair Removal 

Body laser hair removal is by far the most popular go-to option for long-lasting hair removal. Body laser hair removal treatments work best for people with very thick and dark hair looking to remove unwanted hair from their underarm and bikini line areas. This process usually takes about five or six sessions to completely eradicate hair and achieve desired results, but it could require more or fewer visits depending on your treatment needs. Generally, you should space your visits out at about a month to six weeks apart for best results.

As with most hair removal methods, permanent results from body laser hair removal treatments are not technically guaranteed, but they can remove significant amounts of unwanted hair for several weeks at a time. However, the good news is that laser hair treatments are painless and produce very consistent results. Laser hair removal treatments are very popular because many patients report significant results in long-lasting hair removal that they are happy with.

Intense Pulsed Lighting (IPL) 

Intense pulsed lighting is a process that’s very similar to laser hair removal, but the difference is that it uses many more wavelengths to kill hair roots. IPL works by rapidly shooting deep into the hair follicles and getting absorbed by papilla pigments. This process makes each session very effective at significantly reducing hair and impeding future growth.

The required sessions needed for IPL treatments vary based on the size and thickness of hair in target areas. The upper torso and armpit areas can usually take about six sessions, while bikini line areas can take up to eight sessions.


Electrolysis is a progressive form of hair removal with treatments that deliver rapid current pulses directly to the skin at hair follicles before they get a chance to develop. Electrolysis can be an ideal solution for those looking for quick treatments, as electrolysis treatments usually last only about 15-20 minutes. Electrolysis treatments are also effective in many different areas of the body.


The three hair removal options listed above offer the longest-lasting results. While they are not permanent solutions, they will provide weeks of removal of visible hair from the surface of your skin. Consistent follow-up sessions will be required to maintain results.

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